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With different textures and colours, our uniquely handmade wall panels would give your interior a special Natural and earthly touch

• No additional varnishing is required. • Strong design statement with 3D effect.
• Natural wood have fragrant scent. • Convenient to install, with overlocking feature and plywood backing.
• All our materials are tested and safe to use.They are properly klin dry, low emission and low toxicity. • Environment friendly as lesser wood are being cut down. All the wood used are reclaimed or reused wood building structure or normal woodworking process.
• Our wall panel can be used in residential and commercial projects, such as feature wall, door panel, shop facade, furniture and many other possibilities. • Beyond the eco-responsibility of reusing materials, it is indisputable that our wood panel brings beauty and character that nothing else can.

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Wall Panel

Wall Panel

W1001OWT Smoked Wood W1003Arcasia Wood W1004Black Walnut Wood
W1008Oak Wood W1009Country Knotty Pine W1010Granite Wood    
Size W1001 W1003 W1004 W1008 W1009 W1010
800mm x 200mm x 25mm          
900mm x 200mm x 40mm          
1200mm x 200mm x 11mm      
2400mm x 125mm x 12mm          
Disclaimer : Pictures of the wall panel shown here may be different from real product. please check our showroom for more details. As our panel is made of wood, and wood is natural resources, variation in colour and grain is acceptable. Excessive and improper cutting, mishandling may cause wood to chip off at the edges,chip off wood can be glued back using adhesive easily. As part of natural wood characteristics, prolong exposure to sunlight may result in slight change of colour. All rights reserved