Oregon Reconstituted Veneer Pattern

Reconstituted veneer, also known as recon veneer is a wood material commonly used on surface finishes. A process of dyeing, laminating and re-slicing is added before obtaining the desired color and pattern.

Plywood Pattern 3'x7'x3.6mm and 4'x8'x3.6mm

Pattern (P)






We offer a wide selection of veneer to choose from. If your desired veneer is not listed, please contact us directly.

631P Recon Black / Silver 634P R.Walnut / Oak 635P Black / Sen 636P R.D. Walnut / Cherry
637P R.Ebony / Oak 638P Recon Black / Silver 639P R.Black / Grey Oak 640P R.Black / Almond
641P R.Zebrano / Ebony 642P R.D Walnut / Walnut 644P R.B.Ebony/Sliver 108P R.American Cherry
122P R.Milan Wenge 122(2)P R.Milan Wenge 123(2)P R.Royal Walnut 126P R.Season Ebony
127P R.European Walnut 136P R.Natural Teak 146P R.Metalic Ebony 190(2)P R.Sliver Wood
202P R.Swiss D.Walnut 226P Dutch Ebony 228P R.British D.Walnut 613P R.Zebrano
622P R.Fine Sapelle PD1 N. Nyatoh PD2 R.Oak/Teak PD4 R.Nyatoh/Inlay
PD5 R.Walnut/D.Walnut PD6 Teak/Inlay

*Please take note that as every batch of veneer is different, acutal product may vary slightly in colour tone from our photo