Oregon Reconstituted Veneer

Reconstituted veneer is a wood material commonly used on surface finishes. A process of dyeing, laminating and re-slicing is added before obtaining the desired color and pattern.

Our Reconstituted Veneer are FSC Certified. It has pass all the test and have been cleared for safe usage which give our clients a peace of mind.

We offer a wide selection of veneer to choose from. If your desired veneer is not listed, please contact us directly.

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102V Snow White Ash QC 103V Finland G. Oak QC 107V Dyed Grey Oak QC 108V American Cherry QC
109V African Sapelle QC 110V Sapelle QC 112V African Teak QC 113V Sen QC
114V Indo Nyatoh QC 116V English Wenge QC 117V Moroccan .B Oak QC 118V American Wenge QC
120V Walnut Teak QC 122V Milan Wenge QC 122(2)V Milan Wenge QC 123(2)V R. Royal Walnut
125V Bamboo Ebony QC 126V Season Ebony QC 127V European Walnut QC 128V Ebony PC
129(2)V Teak PC 131V Zebrano QC 134V Royal Teak QC 135V Burma Teak QC
136V Natural Teak QC 138V Olive Oak QC 139(2)V Euro Oak QC 140V Genova Oak QC
141V Natural Fine Oak QC 142V White Wash Oak QC 143V Grey Oak QC 144V Alps Oak PC
146V Metalic Ebony QC 150V Natural Walnut QC 155(2)V Black Wood QC 170(2)V Almond W. QC
190(2)V Sliver Wood QC 191V R. White Oak 198V Brazil Rosewood QC 202V Swiss D. Walnut QC
226V Dutch Ebony QC 228V British D. Walnut QC 230V Indian Rosewood PC 231V African B. Ebony QC
232V Bristish ELM QC 234V French Walnut QC 235V American B.Walnut 236V Charcoal Blackwood


102H Snow W. Ash QC 107H Dyed Grey Oak QC 108H American Cherry QC 109H African Sapelle QC
116H English Wenge QC 117H Moroccan B. Oak 118H R. American Wenge 122H Milan Wenge QC
122(2)H Milan Wenge QC 123(2)H R. Royal Walnut 126H Season Ebony QC 127H European Walnut QC
129H Teak PC 134H Royal Teak QC 135H Burma Teak QC 136H Natural Teak QC
139(2)H Euro Oak QC 141H Natural Fine Oak QC 143H Grey Oak QC 146H Metalic Ebony QC
155(2)H Black Wood QC 190(2)H Sliver Wood QC 202H Swiss D. Walnut QC 226H R. Dutch Ebony
228H British D. Walnut QC 231H African B. Ebony QC 232H Bristish ELM QC 234H French Walnut QC
235H American B.Walnut 236H Charcoal Blackwood 613H R.Zebrano

*Please take note that as every batch of veneer is different, acutal product may vary slightly in colour tone from our photo