CoCoBoLo Laminate

At CoCoBoLo, we believe in providing trendy and quality products, competitive pricing that backed by excellent service. Introducing alternative Interior Laminate choice that would unleash your wildest imagination and creativity.

All of our CoCoBoLo products are Green Label certified

Products Available

● L3.6mm x 4′ x 8′ laminate on plywood

● 4′ x 8′ x 0.7mm (+/- 10%) laminate

● matching PVC Edging (50mm & 60mm)

Care and Maintenance

Laminates are durable and resistent to abrasions and scratches, nonetheless, they would still need proper care to optimise lifespan.

● Our Products are easy to clean : just use mild household cleaner to clean and rinse with clean water. Dry off with soft cloth.

● Avoid using strong cleaning detergent containing acid, alkaline and solvent as they may damage the surface of Laminate.

● Do not expose to direct high heat, direct sun for prolong basis.

● Do not hammer or use sharp objects on the Laminate surface.

CB 008
Black Elm

CB 220
Snow White

CB 340

CB 555
Dorset Ash

CB 832
Vanilla Maple

CB 854
Exotic Walnut

CB 844
Taranaki Oak

CB 010
Irish Mocca

CB 290
Nordic Acacia

CB 360

CB 571
Bruno Oak

CB 876
Corona Ash

CB 800
Pure Grey

CB 883
Mallow Oak

CB 064
Daraco Walnut

CB 300
Balmic Larch

CB 501
White ASh

CB 611
Dreamy Walnut

CB 270
Aged Walnut

CB 583
Radiant Maple

CB 892
Smoked Ash

CB 097
Swiss Cliff

CB 338
Valencia Oak

CB 512
Parma Oak

CB 700
Black Beauty

CB 807
Emtico Black

CB 735
Luxus White