Veneer products often look unique and classic. It is sliced down from the log, be it maple, walnut, oak,
cherry or nyatoh, etc. The thin layer of veneer that has been sliced down often range from 0.1mm to 2mm
will go through a kiln dried process and most of the time, it will be arranged systematically and laminated
on the surface of a flat board using hot-pressed machines.

Carpenters will use this veneered board or solid wood to make doors, furniture, wall panels etc.
Often the surface is sprayed with a few layers of lacquer to protect it and also to make it shinier.
Maintenance and care are needed to ensure the furniture’s surface stay at its best. The surface of the furniture
can be cleaned using a damp soft cloth. Do not scratch it using sandpaper or clean with strong detergent or

Occasionally every few years when you feel or see the surface of the veneer has some light scratches or
cracks, it is time you should find a varnisher to apply a fresh new coat of lacquer for your veneer