BB/CC grade plywood

BB/CC grade plywood is the grading for JPIC standard (Japan Plywood Inspection Corporation) BB grade is used for the front surface of the plywood and CC grade is used for the back surface of the plywood. BB grade surface are smooth sanding, tight cut and full-length veneer. Sometimes the BB grade surface will have small natural characteristic of wood, such as pine knots, colour streaks and burls.

For those veneer surface that has open splits, mineral spot, streaks and other major visible defects of wood will be used as CC grade.
For BB grade, the surface will be sanded two sides to achieve smooth surface. And as for CC grade, the surface will be sanded once only. After the sanding process, you will be able to see and feel the difference between the two grades.

OVL/BTR grade plywood

OVL/BTR grade plywood is the grading of plywood from IHPA (International Hardwood Product Association). OVL/BTR is one of the best appearance grade plywood under the IHPA.

OVL grade means that the surface veneer is overlaid and has minimal natural characteristics of wood. It is also normal to have small knot holes in OVL grade. When the surface of the veneer has hairline splits, mineral streaks or spots, it is usually puttied to achieve the best appearance.

BTR means better grade. It is a lower grade of OVL. The factory will use it as the back surface of the OVL/BTR grade plywood.

In Merawood Industries, we have more choices for customers to choose from. Not only do we have BB/CC and OVL/BTR grade plywood for furniture application, we also have UTY grade plywood, which is normally used for construction application.

You are welcome to check with us which grade of plywood is suited to your needs.