Marine Plywood and WBP Plywood use the same phenolic glue, both are able to use the black glue line at
the side. The only big difference is that marine plywood uses harder density wood and has more layers as
compared to WBP plywood with the same thickness.

Marine industries use marine plywood for the interior of ships or platforms etc as it is more durable than
WBP. Marine plywood and WBP often comes with certification which is recognised in the world. WBP
plywood uses medium lightwood and it looks more like normal plywood from the outside. The only thing
to differentiate them is the black glue line at the sides of the plywood.

However, WBP is much cheaper comparing to marine plywood. Sometimes carpenters will use them to
make the furniture/cabinetry in the toilet area. In Merawood Industries we sell good quality Marine Plywood
and WBP Plywood. Feel free to consult us if you need further clarification.