Plywood is made of wood. Unfortunately wood is the source of food for termites and there is no termite
proof plywood. However, there are several ways to prevent it.

a) Before application, plywood can go through a process called tanalised. This process involves
pressurising the wood inside out with chemical that can prevent termite infestation. This process normally
will take about 1-2 days. After the treatment, the wood will have a layer of green liquid from the outside.
Once it is fully dried off, the wood will have a slightly greenish colour appearance.

Once treated, the wood or plywood can stay termite-free for at least 7-10 years or even sometimes beyond that. We have
good reviews from customers who have this treatment done. Our very first few customers that did the
tanalised treatment with us still stays free of termite even after 19 years.
However, this must be an indoor condition and the material is well taken care of. Occasional termite
treatment to soil and building must be done to prolong the effect.

b) There is a product called WPC Board. This is a mixture of plastic and woodchip product. It has the
properties of wood and plastic. Not only it can be heated up to bend a bit like plastic, but it can also be sawn,
nailed and glued like plywood too. It is 100% termite proof and waterproof as well. Although the prices
are higher than normal plywood, termite prone buildings can consider this material as an option for their

c) Fumigation process will assure that the plywood or timber that was treated be free of termite or insects
for a certain period. This process is cheaper than tanalised treatment. However, it is not possible for you
to stop the wood-eating Borer beetles from flying in and infesting the wood though, as there is no layer of
chemical to protect the wood or plywood on the exterior surface.
Whichever option you have chosen, frequent check and maintenance are needed for the furniture to last

What to do if my furniture has termite or borer beetle-infested?

Honestly, if your furniture has termite trail and marks, there is not much you can do. You can either throw
it away or do a tanalised treatment. That is provided you are able to accept the fact that there might be a
chance your furniture would be discoloured as high pressure is needed for the process to penetrate the
chemical into the wood. It can only be done if the furniture is made of solid wood, marine plywood or
WBP plywood. Normal plywood without phenolic glue properties will not stand the pressure and it will
have delamination after the treatment.

You will be delighted to know that your furniture still stands a chance if it’s borer infested. A simple
fumigation treatment will ensure your furniture is good for the next few years. This treatment requires
your furniture to stay in a well-sealed area, usually a container for 2 to 3 days. The worms and borer
beetles will be killed in the process.

In Merawood Industries, we can do tanalised treatment and fumigation for you to let you have a peace of
mind. WPC board of all sizes are available too. Feel free to contact us if you need it.